Sunday, July 25, 2021

Courtney Little's Naughty Attitude spanking POV 2

Courtney Little's Naughty Attitude spanking Point of View 2


Courtney Little may be small in size but her attitude can be, at times, larger than is should be. She can be difficult to get a straight answer out of and if she wants to pout and act like a brat she will do so when ever it suits her.


From time to time her Daddy, like many Daddies, must teach her a good lesson in proper behavior. Like many young women Courtney actually likes being put in her place when she displays bad and naughty behavior. It gives her a feeling of security and being taken care of.


This time Daddy tried a new position that worked very well and one that he will continue to use in the future. Courtney got a good no non-sense spanking that had her bottom burning long after the spanking was over.


(Important Note: Courtney is a REAL submissive little who has placed herself under Ron's (Daddy) authority for a spanking when he feels she needs one.)

Daddy let her hold on to her stuffed animal this time and although her backside was feeling discomfort she found security holding her stuffy.

After her spanking which was taken like a big girl, Courtney sat on Daddy's lap as she was hugged tightly. Some girls just have to learn the hard way.


(Important Note: The women in Spank Her 4 Real Videos are NOT professional models.)


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