Monday, November 21, 2011

Should wives be spanked?

Today my wife and I were driving around running errands and she started thanking me that I spank her.  She explained how, without limits, she would try to get away with as much as she could.  Knowing that if she does or doesn't do something will get her bottom spanked gives her a sense of feeling loved and secure.  "It's too bad that other wives can't know this feeling", she said.

She also talked about how much of a man, from her point of view, it makes me.  There are a few times she gets away with something because I forget to spank her for it but that's different than not being willing to put her across my lap, pull down her panties and blister her bottom when she needs it.  To her, being a man isn't just bringing home a pay check.  To her it's standing strong and telling her she's crossed a boundary.

I love her so and straight from her lips, yes, "Wives should be spanked!"


  1. Of course naughty wives should be spanked. And often if need be, on their bare bottoms.

  2. It goes without saying that wives should be spanked...regularly and hard and, for best results, on their bare bottoms.

  3. Yes, of course they should. What a silly question.


  4. yes they should. As a child my believed in spanking you bare bottom when the offense was committed even in public. He carried a thick wooden school paddle in his truck and a smaller one in my mothers purse.He said the humiliation made you think twice. I got bare bottom paddled in front of the whole church at 10 yr old and in the snow and 20 degrees for making an obscene guester to a neighbor. I was ordered to drop my pants and undies and roll my bottom in the snow making it good and cold. then he let me have it barebottom in the front yard in front of the neighbor. My husband spanks me in public as well always bare bottom. Wouldn't haaveit any other way.

  5. Our marriage is so much better now that I am getting spanked and he is the HoH

  6. Mature wives should be spanked and have have "maintenance" spankings as well. I have found immature girls and ladies are not ready for a real man to be part of their lives and often aren't ready for adult lives as a whole. When a woman learns the pleasure, security and love that evolves from a true man & woman relationship, my experience has been that they embrace it and are happy in such a relationship. They quickly come to cherish this lifestyle and find it very fulfilling, satisfying and sexually exciting.

    Now that I have a wife and have been married a number of years, like the others on this page, my wife never wants to live without spanking, correction or maintenance. She has even asked to be spanked in those times when work keeps me extra busy and her maintenance spanking are missed. At other times she will "get in trouble" just to "test the fences" as she calls it. To make sure I will correct her when needed.

    Likewise, for the man it becomes a balanced relationship when spanking is utilized to "adjust" behavior. A relationship with satisfaction and stability. Men that I know that spank their wives aren't cheating either. They go home to a wife that is vital part of a loving, caring and growing relationship. They feel like the have found a "good woman" and plan to keep her.

  7. Any adult daughter here, say between 28 and 32 yo, who wants to go from parents' caring lap to husband's extra caring lap?

  8. My husband spanks me sexually. I love it. I wish my husband would do it more. He's usually too tired. I could get into the whole domestic discipline thing, but he won't. He feels he doesn't have all the answers and that he's not my father. He has no problems spanking me if I ask for one and he'll do a right job of it... but then he's totally turned on and wants sex. So for him, it's sexual. I'd so love to be spanked for being bad and not have it be sexual. I feel I need an attitude adjustment sometimes. I could also get into the whole daddy/daughter thing, but that would just freak him out. I guess I'm not a vanilla and he is, but at least he'll do sexual spankings. I'd like a real D/s relationship with some aspects of being daddy's little girl. I got a taste of it once when I was sick and had bleeding hemorrhoids. He took care of that in the most personal way. Total turn on with the medication application he did so thoroughly every night with his fingers. Another time when I was sick, he couldn't get any digital thermometers to work. Batteries were run down and he ended up doing the old fashioned glass tube rectal temperature taking on me. I was so turned on and to him it was what needed to be done. He was all business. Telling me to roll over onto my tummy and pulling my PJ's down. I was so hot in many ways, but it doesn't turn him on. So, he'll do these things for real if needed, but not for age play. Still, at least he'll man up and spank me when I want one.

  9. My husband spanks m. Never sexually, but to discipline. If he didn't I would be uncontrolable. Idon't know to shut up. Like on Saturday. We were having a domestic deispute. I knew I was wrong but I just wouldn't shut up. I like to win even when I'm wrong. The spanking I got was deserved. He spanks me not to hurt me but to help me. I'm a better and happier woman being under his contril.

  10. One thing few women will ever explicitly admit to a man is there are times when every woman knows she needs her bare bottom soundly spanked. Even fewer will confess they're not too old for a panties down spanking. Yet, men need to understand these to facts of life if they are to have any chance in the battle of the sexes.



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